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“I recommend Alissa to very successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists who have too much to do and too little time to do it.  She provides a sense of laser focus, purpose, and direction to the most important activities in your life to earn an exponentially larger return on your investment of all 3 precious resources: Time, Energy, and Money.

- Kenneth, Surgeon & Real Estate Developer


“The advice you gave me was priceless.  You were right on the money on everything.  Thanks to your wisdom, sharp insight, and commitment to excellence, I was able to take full advantage of an opportunity and land the deal that brought my business to the next level. Thanks A Million for everything you do.  I am forever grateful ."

- Alysia Stern, Author, Celebrity Interviewer &Entrpreneur


“Alissa leverages her astute business sense to help her clients continuously develop. She has passion, drive, and an intuitive ability to pin-point her client’s strengths and laser focus those abilities to give the business an authentic edge as unique as the owner himself.”

- Marta Kadzanjian Ranaldo, MD & Holistic Health Coach


“Alissa Bickar is truly amazing at what she does! She is VERY driven, strong and confident. She truly cares about you and your business and wants to help you grow. She is there to guide you through any obstacle that may get in your way and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. Her skills are exceptional and they come with her big loving heart.”

- Vanessa Laverdiere, Owner, Line Art Printing & Graphic Design by Vanasie


"Alissa helps to keep my energy high, and to stay focused on building my business and bringing my dreams to life. I'm so grateful to have her. Sometimes you need a cheerleader with a heavy boot... Thank you for kicking my ass and getting me into gear!"

- Dan Marquardt, Film Maker & Entrepreneur


“Alissa Bickar is an amazing, bright and atriculate woman with a talent for serving others.  It is a real authentic experience to work with this transparent woman.  She leads by example to help others maximize achieving their dreams. Through her dedication, she repeatedly demonstrates courage and talent, and inspires everyone around her that they can too.”

- Joan Newsom, Workshop Leader and High School Teacher


“In less than half an hour, Alissa was able to get right to the heart of the issue that was keeping me stuck and help me to move through it to a place of relief and taking action. She is intuitive and insightful, and her methods are bang on! As a success coach myself, I appreciate the value of having someone who can show me a different perspective on what’s going on.”

- Susanne Hemmet, Coach, Speaker & Trainer

Alissa Bickar
The Consultress

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