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Alissa Bickar, The Consultress

Alissa Bickar is a diagnostic consultant and coach who uses business acumen and laser-sharp intuition to assess, diagnose, and develop solutions so that businesses can truly work smarter, not harder.


She uses her natural creative talents to create innovative solutions for growing businesses to become more effective, efficient and sustainable.  With 20+ years experience in business ranging from family-owned to corporate, Alissa has gleaned wisdom from every level of organization. In her own consultancy, she has succesfully trained entrepreneurs and founders to see business in a more collaborative fashion and deliver extraordinary experiences through every level of the organization.


She has a passion for innovation and out-of-the box methodologies so that her clients can become unforgettably distinct in the marketplace, and so that business development becomes effortless: returning more results in less time.

Alissa Bickar
The Consultress

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