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EMPIRE Mastermind

Extraordinary Momentum for

Passive Investors in Real Estate

It can be daunting and overwhelming to find and analyze deals when you’re in the business all alone. The EMPIRE Elite Mastermind is designed to provide community, support, and education for those who are interested in taking their investing to the next level.  In this mastermind, we will discuss how to vet different opportunities, smart ways to lend passively, and earn a return well beyond banking products and tempered from stock market volatility. 


EMPIRE Elite Mastermind program is for folks that are interested in ramping up the passive real estate investing game: investing in deals, notes, and creating opportunities among a community of fellow real estate investors.


To be considered for membership, you must already have savings in excess of 6 months of living expenses, and at least $50,000 at the ready to be deployed. 


This mastermind is not for people who are gathering information.

It is for investors who have experience, know their business model, and are looking to grow.

To be considered for membership, please complete an application HERE

Alissa Bickar
The Consultress
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